Types Of Cabinetry

Types Of Cabinetry

April 25, 2023 Planning 0

As with any other industry, there are different levels of quality. We have made it our mission to identify the very best value for every level of cabinetry.

Among the different types of cabinetry, the most recognized are:

Stock Cabinets

Stock cabinets are usually the best priced cabinets. They typically are built in large plants on an assembly line and have fewer choices and options. By limiting the types of options available, stock cabinets are usually able to ship faster and are priced lower than semi- or full-custom cabinets. Most are built to strict predetermined sizes and usually are considered apartment or builder grade.


Semi-custom cabinets, like stock cabinets, are usually built in large plants but have many more options. Semi-custom cabinets have their sizes predetermined for pricing purposes but will let us change design as needed. This usually adds a small surcharge for that cabinet only. Semi-custom construction provides the flexibility of customizing an individual cabinet or two, without increasing the cost of the whole order. Another benefit to large manufacturing facilities is the ability to take advantage of the newest technologies in modern finishes, finishing techniques, and actual finishing equipment. They simply have the advantage in this arena. We find semi-custom to be a good fit for most projects.


Full-custom cabinets are just that. We are able to specify every detail of the construction and take advantage of the smaller shop craftsmanship that is usually the hallmark of professional woodworkers. We can develop and design a kitchen that may not be duplicated anywhere, or recreate a design you fell in love with, to fit your space. There generally are no limits in design or features in this category.

At Creekside Cabinet & Design, we understand that though our customers may be coming to us for our professional designs, it’s also our responsibility to educate them in many more areas of their cabinetry than they may have even thought of.