Planning Your Projects

Planning Your Projects

Today’s homes are a marvel of style and functionality, offering more possibilities than ever before.

Kitchen cabinetry has changed so dramatically in the last 10 years, there are so many styles, finishes, gadgets, and accessories than you ever thought possible. We have literally experienced an explosion in choices.

Kitchens have become the heart of the home. When we entertain or gather together, doesn’t it seem that is where we find ourselves? We will explore your vision and help define the specific priorities you have expressed to to design a functional, practical, yet stunningly beautiful kitchen. Where Do I Start?

To get started, visit our beautiful showroom located in Silverdale, or give us a call. One of our designers will be happy to look at your plans or come out to your home and look at your project — take some measurements — discuss some ideas…

As you begin the process, there are many questions. Some of them might be:

  • How do I know what is the right style for me?
  • What about different types of construction, and how does that affect costs?
  • What woods or finishes are the most durable?
  • Am I planning myself into a corner or missing something?
  • What level of cabinetry is right for me: standard, semi-custom, or full-custom?
  • When should I start the design and planning process?

We recommend the planning and design phase of your kitchen to start early in the process. With proper planning, we can fit your kitchen design to your lifestyle, taking advantage of all your options, not forcing you to work around limited choices. It usually takes 4 to 6 meetings to explore all the possibilities, ensuring we choose just the right elements for your home.